Down to Earth Studytour

In cooperation with the University, our business partners and the study association we aim to combine comprehensive research with the opportunity for students to go abroad.

The committee

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Fausto Visser


Generally active within W.S.G. Isaac Newton and competitive rowing.

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Koen Kleverwal


Our experienced accountant, this is his fourth installment as treasurer.

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Kylian Rozema

External affairs

Active in maintaining and setting up external relations with interesting partners.

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Ton Stael

Travel coordinator

Our travel enthausiast with experience abroad, including the previous IC-tour.

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Dries Hopman


Experienced with finances and the inner workings of the UT.

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Maarten van den Berg


World traveller and former W.S.G. Isaac Newton board member.


Mar. 13th 0

The participants are known.

After a selection the definitive 28 participants that we take part in the IC tour are known. The participants can be seen on the participants page.

Feb. 28th 0

Applications deadline IC-tour

Due to considerable interest during the last week, the closing date for applications to join the IC - tour of 2020 will be extended to the 8th of March.

Jan. 15th 0

IC-tour reveal drink

On the 15th of January, we held a reveal drink for the theme and destination for the IC-tour!

Days until departure